In order to do any of these charts (except for the harmonics chart), your exact time of birth will be needed.  It is usually on your birth certificate.  Many people don’t know that their exact birth time is readily accessible in the majority of cases.

If you are unable to find it and have an estimate that is within one hour of the birth time, you may choose to use it; though, understand that the degree of the ascendant will be off, the ascendant might be one sign off and all aspects to the ascendant and midheaven will have changed; so, anything having to do with ascendant and midheaven aspects are to be ignored in the report.  Some of the planets may be one house off.  With this amount of knowledge, the safest bet is on the signs of the planets and aspects between the planets, since they will not have moved, with only one possible exception (see below).

If you have no idea what time of day you were born, select “noon” as the choice.  This will give an inaccurate ascendant and midheaven, and you won’t know what houses the planets are in; however, as the moon changes signs roughly every 2 1/2 days, this is the time that’s most likely to give you an accurate moon sign, since it can’t be more than 12 hours off.

Rectification is a way to find out the birth time if you don’t know it.  It requires an astrologer trained and experienced in that particular part of the field.  If you’d like to know more about rectification, click here and here.