Here’s where you can learn a little bit about astrology.

This section covers planets — because when you’re born, every planet is somewhere in the zodiac.  It covers signs — because a planet in a sign, depending on what a planet is, signifies a whole bunch of stuff.

It covers houses — which share some similarities to their respective signs, though most astrologers will tell you that it’s more than that and more action-oriented.  It covers aspects — when angles between planets are just right.

There will be other tutorials in the Other Learning section.  Click on the Learning tab and pick one of the subheadings to learn more.   Or look at:

The Birth Chart
The Relocated Chart

and that about covers it.

For whatever selection you buy, you’ll have an interpretation of each planet in every sign and house, the aspects between the planets, and which of the influences in your chart are the most important.