What You Get

I have moved all of my services over to this website. (The “Shop” page on relocation-astrology/shop)

Just to review: 

If you’ve had a birth chart done before, you may remember how profound it must have been. It’s been said that having a birth chart done is like “getting an ID card from the universe.” If you’ve never had a birth chart done, fasten your seatbelt.

Here you learn where all your planets are — both which signs they’re in and which houses — and what this actually means. And don’t overlook the aspects between planets, either. If you don’t know what any of this means, there’s a Learning section that goes into detail.  This includes:

The Birth Chart
The Relocated Chart

I am offering four different products —

Time Passages Interpretive Report
General Astrological Services
Basic Astro Maps Only
Full Relocation Consultation/Report

I use Time Passages for the Time Passages Interpretive Report.  It is capable of doing natal charts, relocation charts, and many of the other standard things like many astrological report services offer.  Time Passages’ interpretations, though, will tell you things about yourself no matter your level of astrological knowledge.

With Time Passages, I focus on both the birth chart and the relocated chart.  For the first option, you’ll be able to get an interpretation for the location of your choice.

You’ll want to know the “where you came from,” as well as “where you are now” and where you’re going, so you’ll get both the birth chart (location you were born) and relocated chart. 

If you are selecting Time Passages Interpretive Report, you can ask for reports for multiple locations in the same package — it’s totally up to you — although it may be less confusing to look at the Time Passages interpretation for the location you’re most interested in (the reports are roughly 30 pages long with a lot of overlapping information).  At the time of sending out the report, I’ll explain what you should focus on as your “now” and what doesn’t apply anymore, although it did once.

But for my work with Treasure Maps, which are part of the third and fourth products (basic Astro Map Only & the full Relocation Consultation/Report) we, additionally, use a different software program called Sirius, for both the Treasure Maps and, in the full report, anything else that seems to be particularly relevant to your needs (in other words, what you need to know about each of your prospective locations).

​I am offering “General Astrological Services” as one option. For this option you receive general services based on your birth date. I start with a “personology” analysis and then move to insights on your planets. I also look for things you don’t know about astrology and add knowledge and insight. This 

option is perfect if you don’t know your birth time, but is also good for those who want to learn more about astrology or the positions of your planets in the zodiac, including aspects. There is no relocation information — a birth time is needed for that.  This will be a 90-minute Zoom session — ample time for me to explain everything to you.

For the option for “Astro Maps only” I send you Treasure Maps that Sirius software produces.  These Treasure Maps are valuable tools that show areas of presence or absence in several different categories in ten different categories of which I highlight (via a Zoom session, and also, the maps will be sent to your email) at least five (Friendship & Family; Friendship & Family, Detailed; Excitement & Instability; Love & Romance; Vocation & Career) of multiple locations of your choice as well as a presentation of the Astro Map of the entire earth for reference. This will be a 30-45-minute Zoom session for three locations and 15 minutes for each additional location.

This does not include the verbal interpretations that are available in the more comprehensive option, but it DOES include my consultation as I walk through the review of the maps with you.

The final option is the full consultation (aka The Relocation Consultation/Report). 

For this more comprehensive option, you get the same Treasure Maps for the locations you choose that you do in the “Astro Maps Only” option. You also receive a lot of verbal information; all of this will be present in our 90-minute consultation. Besides the Astro Maps, I use several methodologies including midpoint analysis, changes in the house position of each planet, aspects to the ascendant and midheaven, and Astro Map analysis.

We’ll set priorities regarding the pluses and minuses of each location for things like family, business, relationships, and health — aspects, houses and midpoints that support, and that challenge. Also discussed is what you are looking for and what are the most important areas that you want to experience changes in, in your ‘new’ location. A good rule of thumb — you move to the place where you get what you want (or need), and then deal with the problems, unless the problems are too difficult.

A relocation chart requires several hours worth of preparation and a 90-minute Zoom session. I write a 10-15 page report, and include all information from Treasure Maps, midpoint interpretations that involve the ascendant and midheaven, and two different interpretations of planets in houses and aspecting the ascendant and midheaven.

In general, my experience thus far shows a gender split in the way people like to receive their reports.  Men are often interested in the astrological concepts — what Saturn represents, what the 12th house represents; what does it mean to be near your Mars/IC line (and what is an IC line anyway?)  Women are often more concrete and life-oriented — what are the human elements of a chart; what are the psychological issues that I need to be working on?  Regardless of whether you conform to these generalizations, it’s my goal to present these reports in a way that’s most interesting and useful.

This site requires that you be at least the age of 18 for a birth chart report.